Long White Halter Dress

Look gorgeous in this enamoring collection of long white halter dresses. Perfect as evening gowns and wedding wear the well-tailored dresses bring out the diva in you. Matching white hair accessories and minimal silver jewelry enhance the look of the outfits. The gowns that come with plunging necklines can make the temperatures soar with their oomph factor. While some are flowy, some have a layered flared cut and the rest boast of a slim straight cut. Almost all have the waistline highlighted with either lace or satin ribbons, bejeweled waistbands or simply an elastic strap concealed in the lining. A unique variation is exhibited by a design that has the shoulder straps supported on top by a glittery neck piece that comes as an integral part of the gown. Continue reading Long White Halter Dress

Long White Cotton Dress

Turn heads this summer with long white cotton dresses that make a classy style statement. The ones featured in this exquisite collection boast of a minimalistic look that can be carried off with a lot of confidence by women of any body type. The halter neck one looks cute with white frills along the edges of the dress. Note the elegance induced by the double layer of frills near the bottom of the dotted dress. Another one flaunts the gypsy style with an angular layer over the basic flowy dress. The wide neckline, baggy sleeves tied in the middle together with the drawstring secured just under the bust add to the country looks. The halter strap and semi-transparent high-slit dresses signify oomph in the otherwise modest couture. Continue reading Long White Cotton Dress

Long Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Look the perfect bridesmaid with this elegant collection of long coral bridesmaid dresses. The lovely color is soothing to the eyes while the flared cut of the floor-kissing dresses looks gorgeous on you. An elastic band sewn to the waistline brings out the folds with prominence. While some dresses gather the fabric at the waist with a cute flower others glam it up with a bejeweled waistband. Necklines vary from deep V’s, sweethearts, halters, etc. The one-shouldered dresses are charismatic with thin straps that highlight the neck and the upper bosom in a delicate way. High heels and matching shiny jewelry complement the dresses beautifully. However, if your dress comes with an ornate neckline, you better give the necklace a miss. The coral couture highlights your curves with a sophisticated grace few can match.     Continue reading Long Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Long Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Let all eyes (and lenses!) be on you as you flaunt your curves in one of these elegant long lace bridesmaid dresses. If you thought lace means only white, get ready to be proved wrong while browsing through this colorful collection. You think of a color, and you have it on the dresses. The ornamental silver waistband of the black lace dress offers a welcome break in the dark monotony. It jazzes up the dress too in its unique style. The red one is more flowy spreading on the floor symmetrically around your feet. The off-shoulder cut allows a sneak peak at your delicate neck and shoulders without being overly revealing. A pair of long and sleek dangling earrings would highlight the neck shape of the dress. Pink or white dresses that come with a sweetheart neckline score high on the oomph factor when carried well. Continue reading Long Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

One Shoulder Long Dress

Long dresses have a unique vintage charm about them. They are known to be the classic representatives the subtle feminine charm. They way they caress your curves and touch the floor offering a minimal show of your delicate feet is the signature of elegance.  Ensure that your gait and posture are perfect when you put on these one shouldered dresses. Floral blossoms in the lone strap add a hint of girlie charm to the otherwise deep, brooding looks purple gown.  The ones that come with ornate waistbands turn all the focus to a toned waistline. While the red one would look dapper for a prom night or a romantic date, the classy white one would be perfect for a wedding. The mermaid style turquoise dress with a white lacy neckline is a show stealer. Accessorize well and you are ready to get all eyes hooked on you.

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Long Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Pose for the shutterbugs in style by donning these flowy dresses in purple at a friend or sister’s wedding. A plunging V-shaped or a sweetheart neckline shows a fair amount of skin that complements the fully covered legs with aplomb. If you are not comfortable with showing off your curves, try the more modest full sleeved and collared dresses or those with one shoulder support so that you can cover the bare off-shoulder with your lustrous mane gathered to one side. Notice that a few of them come in glossy and shimmery fabrics that help to raise the glam quotient of the special day. The light purple one comes with a shiny satin floral bow at the waist. It is perfect for girls having slim abs. The halter neck dresses are comfortable and show off your back and shoulders in a way few other designs can. Continue reading Long Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Long White Beach Dress

Long white beach dresses are perfect to soak in the sun on a warm summer day. Their long, flowing styles make you feel as light as a feather flying through the sky. These dresses help you to relieve the singeing heat of the summer with their cool and airy designs. They come with frills and exquisite artwork that add pizzazz and panache to your beach attire. Long white beach dresses combine the functional with the aesthetic making them look avant garde and classy. Their streamlined designs and glossy finish help you to dazzle in the sunlight. You can accessorize with a white necklace with shells, silver earrings and a dazzling white hat from your favorite millinery to complete your look. Just the right way to ensure that you shimmer and shine on the beach in the middle of the summer!

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Long White Flowy Dress

Long white flowy dresses make you look like a beautiful fairy coming right out of a midsummer night’s dream. With their long, flowing trains they are ideal for adding elegance and style to your ensemble. They are the embodiment of purity and give you a soft and feminine look that will charm all those around you. These dresses combine the traditional with the modern and make for an eclectic style statement that will mesmerize your partner. Their flowing designs give you a surreal feeling of walking through the clouds. You can accessorize with a pearl necklace, pearl earrings and a silver clutch to magnify your effervescence. Just the right way to make your man spellbound with your beauty and grace!

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Long Black Maxi Dress

Long black maxi dresses are just perfect to make the night come alive with their charm and elegance. They make you look as beautiful as black magic hollyhocks that exude class and style. These dresses are embellished with glitter and exquisite artwork that help you dazzle and sparkle in the dark of the night. Their long flowing bottoms give the feeling of floating through the skies like a magnificent black swan.Their streamlined design and glossy finish make you feel like a brilliant zircon that lights up the atmosphere. You can accessorize with a dazzling diamond necklace, a shiny tiara and a black clutch with bling to become the queen of the night. Just the right way to ensure that you become the cynosure of all eyes!

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Long Maxi Summer Dresses

Long maxi dresses make you look refreshing and rejuvenating like cherry blossoms symbolizing the rebirth of life after winter. They come in a dazzling array of colors like yellow, blue and green that brightens the sunny days of summer even more. The striped and printed varieties of these dresses make you look bold and adventurous as you step out in the morning sun. They also add a dash of cool shades to your wardrobe that helps in relieving the heat of this season. Their puffed out bottoms ensure that you feel airy and comfortable. You can accessorize with a colorful necklace, a colorful hat from your favorite millinery and a printed clutch to look resplendent. Just the right way to bring down the heat of the summer!

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