Long Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Let all eyes (and lenses!) be on you as you flaunt your curves in one of these elegant long lace bridesmaid dresses. If you thought lace means only white, get ready to be proved wrong while browsing through this colorful collection. You think of a color, and you have it on the dresses. The ornamental silver waistband of the black lace dress offers a welcome break in the dark monotony. It jazzes up the dress too in its unique style. The red one is more flowy spreading on the floor symmetrically around your feet. The off-shoulder cut allows a sneak peak at your delicate neck and shoulders without being overly revealing. A pair of long and sleek dangling earrings would highlight the neck shape of the dress. Pink or white dresses that come with a sweetheart neckline score high on the oomph factor when carried well. Continue reading Long Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Long White Lace Dress

Long white lace dresses give you a vintage look and are ideal for weddings. They come with frills and intricate network that give you the grace and charm of a beautiful white swan flying across a clear blue sky. Their long flowing trains and puffed out bottoms make you look like a ballerina ready to deliver her operatic performance. These dresses fuse the classical with the modern and symbolize luxury and opulence. You can accessorize with a glittering pearl necklace, pearl earrings and a shiny white clutch with bling that makes you look picture perfect. Just the right way to make the man of your dreams fall in love with you!

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Long Lace Prom Dresses

Long lace prom dresses help you fuse the traditional with the contemporary. They combine the allure of a Victorian princess with the eclecticism of a modern fashionista. This gives you a versatility and charm that is unmatched by other dresses. With their outstanding artwork, they give you the best that Belgian lace has to offer. The long bottoms and flowing trains help you make the onlookers spellbound with your aesthetic grandeur. You can accessorize with a pearl necklace, a bright golden broche and an exquisite fan to complement your vintage look. Truly an enchanting way to remind your date of the nostalgia of your first meeting and renewing your love all over again!

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Long Black Lace Dress

The long black lace dress suit those who wish to stand out from the rest. With their long frills and attractive network, they have the rare ability to make you stand out of the rest. They come in a variety of styles like casual, sleeves and formal that makes you ready for every occasion. Their intricate designs and artwork bring out the nostalgia of the vintage haute couture while making you look avant garde at the same instant. The blown out bottoms with their flowing trains make you look like a princess ready to conquer the world. You can accessorize this with a red rose in your hair and a shiny silver fan to add a Parisian touch to your Belgian ensemble. Truly a captivating way to keep all eyes fixed on you!

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