Long White Halter Dress

Look gorgeous in this enamoring collection of long white halter dresses. Perfect as evening gowns and wedding wear the well-tailored dresses bring out the diva in you. Matching white hair accessories and minimal silver jewelry enhance the look of the outfits. The gowns that come with plunging necklines can make the temperatures soar with their oomph factor. While some are flowy, some have a layered flared cut and the rest boast of a slim straight cut. Almost all have the waistline highlighted with either lace or satin ribbons, bejeweled waistbands or simply an elastic strap concealed in the lining. A unique variation is exhibited by a design that has the shoulder straps supported on top by a glittery neck piece that comes as an integral part of the gown. Continue reading Long White Halter Dress

Long White Cotton Dress

Turn heads this summer with long white cotton dresses that make a classy style statement. The ones featured in this exquisite collection boast of a minimalistic look that can be carried off with a lot of confidence by women of any body type. The halter neck one looks cute with white frills along the edges of the dress. Note the elegance induced by the double layer of frills near the bottom of the dotted dress. Another one flaunts the gypsy style with an angular layer over the basic flowy dress. The wide neckline, baggy sleeves tied in the middle together with the drawstring secured just under the bust add to the country looks. The halter strap and semi-transparent high-slit dresses signify oomph in the otherwise modest couture. Continue reading Long White Cotton Dress

Long White Beach Dress

Long white beach dresses are perfect to soak in the sun on a warm summer day. Their long, flowing styles make you feel as light as a feather flying through the sky. These dresses help you to relieve the singeing heat of the summer with their cool and airy designs. They come with frills and exquisite artwork that add pizzazz and panache to your beach attire. Long white beach dresses combine the functional with the aesthetic making them look avant garde and classy. Their streamlined designs and glossy finish help you to dazzle in the sunlight. You can accessorize with a white necklace with shells, silver earrings and a dazzling white hat from your favorite millinery to complete your look. Just the right way to ensure that you shimmer and shine on the beach in the middle of the summer!

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Long White Flowy Dress

Long white flowy dresses make you look like a beautiful fairy coming right out of a midsummer night’s dream. With their long, flowing trains they are ideal for adding elegance and style to your ensemble. They are the embodiment of purity and give you a soft and feminine look that will charm all those around you. These dresses combine the traditional with the modern and make for an eclectic style statement that will mesmerize your partner. Their flowing designs give you a surreal feeling of walking through the clouds. You can accessorize with a pearl necklace, pearl earrings and a silver clutch to magnify your effervescence. Just the right way to make your man spellbound with your beauty and grace!

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Long White Lace Dress

Long white lace dresses give you a vintage look and are ideal for weddings. They come with frills and intricate network that give you the grace and charm of a beautiful white swan flying across a clear blue sky. Their long flowing trains and puffed out bottoms make you look like a ballerina ready to deliver her operatic performance. These dresses fuse the classical with the modern and symbolize luxury and opulence. You can accessorize with a glittering pearl necklace, pearl earrings and a shiny white clutch with bling that makes you look picture perfect. Just the right way to make the man of your dreams fall in love with you!

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Long White Graduation Dresses

A graduation ceremony comes only once in a lifetime and the best way to celebrate it is by having a long white graduation dress that helps you look resplendent on this very special day. With their flowing trains and bottoms, they give you the look of tender willow shoots flying in a soft winter breeze. They combine the elements of haute couture from the fashion world with the conventionality of the academic domain with meticulous efficiency. This helps you look novel as well as timeless. You can accessorize with a white necklace, white bracelets and a shiny white clutch to accentuate your look. Just the right way to pay homage to your alma mater in an ingenious way!

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Long White Summer Dress

Be cool this summer with a long white summer dress. These dresses are the epitome of pure femininity and will ensure that heads turn with each step that you take on a hot summer day. Their long flowing trains and puffed out bottoms give you the aura of an angel ready to provide succor to troubled souls. With their frills and lace, these dresses make you look rejuvenated and make you stand apart from the rest. You can accessorize with a hat from your favorite millinery and a dainty clutch to complement your look. Just the right way to ensure that your midsummer night’s dream turns into reality!

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Long White Prom Dresses

Long white prom dresses are the epitome of purity and magnificence. They combine the aura of an angel with the beauty and grace of a white swan opening its wings on a shiny silver lake. These dresses are ideal to make you look youthful and radiant like a full moon on a starry summer night. They come embellished with sequins that help you add a touch of bling to your conventional look. With their long flowing trains and puffed out bottoms, they help you look bright and dazzling in the ballroom. You can accessorize with a shiny diamond necklace, diamond earrings and a silver clutch to accentuate your look. Just the perfect way to make your date feel truly special on this very memorable day!

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Long White Maxi Dresses

The decency and grace of white makes it an appropriate color choice for most occasions. In the scorching heat of the sun, you can wear a long white maxi dress having thin straps. If you desire to imitate the Victorian style of outfits then wear a frock-cut medium sleeved lace maxi dress of white color. To get a school-girl look wear white buckled heels. Make your baby shower be a memorable and fulfilling one by dressing up in a long white maternity maxi-styled gown. Women on the heavier side will look gorgeous in a plus-size maxi outfit having cap sleeves. Look splendid at the summer beach party in a long white maxi gown having full sleeves. Wear a hat and stylish goggles for a cool look.

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Long White Maternity Dress

It may be a bit tricky to find the right dress for the biggest day of your life when you are carrying. You need a dress that would make you feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth while showing off your beloved bump in a graceful manner. You can go for the long lacey wrap style gowns or the flowing, soft, frilly dresses, whatever suits your taste and your trimester. But, make sure to keep in mind that you probably will not be wearing heels, so select a dress that makes you look tall and graceful in flats.

It is also safe to keep the train short as a long train may make your trip. Another thing to keep in mind is that the fabric should be breathable and dress should not be too tight. Couple the gown with a gorgeous half updo and a veil, along with a nice diamond set. Continue reading Long White Maternity Dress